Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Audition Successes for Milton Public Schools' Musicians

Submitted by Dawn Sykes, Director of Fine and Applied Arts for the Milton Public Schools

Over the last several weeks, more than 100 Milton students auditioned for the MMEA All-State, Eastern District and SEMSBA festivals.  The results of our most recent auditions are listed below.  I am incredibly proud of these students and their dedicated Directors.  The Milton Music Department is among the best in this state.  Congratulations to all!

On March 3-4th, eight Pierce students will participate in the MMEA Eastern District Junior Festival in Sudbury, MA:

Fay, Brian
Higgins, Sam
Hollingsworth-Hays, Max
Howard, Michael
Killion, Saoirse
Madigan, Cecile
Marc, Jahdiele
Walko, Claire

On March 24-25th, 30 Milton High students will participate in the SEMSBA Senior Festival in Fall River, MA:

Au, Ryan
Banerjee, Shoilee
Botsford, Annabel
Chow, Eva
Davis, Gray
DeFilippo, Isabella
DeFilippo, Julia
Dempsey, Kyle
DiSandro, James
Duggan, Ava
Goodman, Paul
Hogan, Paula
Holland, Penelope
Hyppolite, Dominik
Joiner, Miwa
Link, Esme
Marc, Lemuel
McKay, Henry
Mitchell, Sarah
Nerenberg, Julia
Neville, Isabelle
Nguyen, Hue-Ninh
O’Hanlon, Laura
Piliavin, Isaac
Possi, Emily
Rose, Coleman
Sauter, Gwyneth
Smith, Caleb
Werner, Liezel
Wong, Annie

On May 5-6th, 23 Pierce and Milton High students will attend the SEMSBA Junior Festival in Braintree, MA:

Baker, Katharine
Benoit, Alix
Halpin-Quiroga, Adriana
Hollingsworth-Hays, Max
Howard, Michael
Kelly, Grace
Killion, Saoirse
Lundbohm, Ava
Malouf, Zoe
Manning, Sophia
Marc, Jadhiele
Naide, Elana
O’Hanlon, Ella
Ollivierre III, Franklin
Padera, June
Queally, Roisin
Spinale, Anna
Thomas, Dominique
Walko, Claire
Williams, Victoria
Le, Catherine
Neville, Giselle
Possi, Kate

As previously announced, on March 9-11th six Milton High students, and 22 grades 5-6 students will participate in the MMEA All-State Festival held in Boston, MA:

Eder, Jamie
Hyppolite, Dominik
Marc, Nethania
Scott, Benjamin
Steele, Katherine
Tan, Stephen

Grades 5-6
Cardoza, Greta
Creamer, Owen
d'Arcy, Neve
Do, Logan
Fiske, Isabella
Glazer, Kiera
Heffron, William
Jilani, Mia
Karuretwa, Kaze
Koh, Daschel
Korman, Tucker
Lane, Lily
Leggett, Sadie
Leimkuehler, Marc
McCarthy, Fiona
Mershon, Brynne
Miller, Kyla
Muir, Lily
Mullen, Mary
Queally, Fionnuala
Sandonato, Luca
Zimon, Fiona

On April 5-8, Nethania Marc and Katherine Steele will attend the Eastern Division Conference in Atlantic City, NJ to perform in the Eastern Division Honors Ensemble.

Finally, I cannot close without mentioning again those students who participated in the MMEA Eastern District Senior Festival held on January 6-7th in Boston, MA:

Daly, Nick
Link, Esme
Marc, Lemuel
Piliavin, Isaac
Scott, Benjamin
Butler, Julia
Davis, Gray
Farrar, Jada
Hyppolite, Dominik
Pentland, Kaleigh
Steele, Katherine
Tan, Stephen
Varela, Grace
Wong, Annie
Eder, Jamie
Au, Ryan
Flanagan, Sawyer
Marc, Nethania