Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Milton Times First Annual “Faces and Places of Milton” Photo Contest

The Milton Times is running its first "Faces and Places of Milton" Photo Contest!

This contest is open to all amateur photographers who are Milton residents.  Photo subjects need to be either people or places in our town.  Or it can be of your favorite person who resides in town at one of your favorite places, take your pick!  Photos can be taken in black and white or color but must be at least 2.5MB in size for clarity and good resolution.  The First Place, Second Place and Honorable Mention winners will have their photos printed, matted and framed for exhibition in the lobby adjacent to the Plate at Milton Marketplace.  These will also be published in an edition of the Milton Times. 

Photos will be judged by Tom Pilla, Contributing Editor, Barry Nelson, Photojournalist and Aldo Pinto, Production Manager for the Milton Times. 

Criteria for Judging:

Photos must be of people and places of Milton.  Each photo must come with a caption identifying persons in the photo and the place in Milton where it was taken.  The photographer must be a Milton resident. 

Photos will be judged on clarity, composition and of course, creativity.  Photos must be sent as an e-mail attachment in jpg format to Sue Bertram, Ombudsman at editor@miltontimes.com.  Please give your name, address, phone number and e-mail address along with a description of the photograph.  Professional photographers, employees and families of the Milton Times as well as those families of sponsors are barred from submitting their work. 

All photos sent to the Milton Times become property of the newspaper whether or not they are chosen as prize recipients. 


1st Place:  Gift card to Novara and two year subscription to the Milton Times

2nd Place Gift Card to the Fruit Center and one year subscription to the Milton Times

Honorable Mention:  Six month subscription to the Milton Times. 

Submissions must be made no later than Friday, April 15 at 12:00PM, and late submissions will not be accepted.