Friday, May 15, 2015

MHS SADD Presents Prom Driving Safety - Crashed Car Demo on May 21, 2015 - Sponsored by Liberty Mutual

Milton High School, the Milton High School SADD Club, and Liberty Mutual Insurance are sending a powerful message to their classmates and community in preparation of the 2015 prom:  drinking and driving is a deadly combination, especially during prom season.

            To heighten awareness of this ever-present threat in Milton and throughout the country, the Milton High School SADD Club is hosting a Crash Car event on May 21, 2015, sponsored by Liberty Mutual Insurance. The program will feature key note speaker Matt Clarke, presenting to the students in the morning starting at 9 am, telling his story of how one mistake ended the life of a best friend, sent him to prison, and affected hundreds of lives. Liberty Mutual will also be providing Milton High School with a crashed vehicle for a safety demonstration for students at the high school, after dismissal, on the field behind the Field House. We will be having “zero tolerance law” discussions and a demonstration of the “Jaws of Life”.   Students will also have the option to try to walk straight lines using “Distortion Goggles” and more.

“Teen drivers in our community have the potential to set a meaningful example for their peers during prom season,” said Joanmarie Berry, a Town of Milton member and Personal Insurance Agent for Liberty Mutual’s Westwood, MA office.“Through activities such as our crashed car demonstration, we can encourage positive decision-making among teens and prevent drinking and driving on prom night.” Joanmarie Berry also graduated from Milton High School in 2005.

Schools also play a vital role in curbing dangerous behaviors on prom night.  According to a study by Liberty Mutual and SADD of more than 2,200 high school students, 89 percent of teens reported their schools have programs or policies in place to prevent teens from engaging in dangerous behaviors, such as underage drinking, at school-related functions.  The outcome is positive: according to the Liberty Mutual/SADD survey, only 6 percent of high school students say they have driven under the influence on prom night.  This is a stark contrast to the perception of this behavior among their peers: in another study, 90 percent of teens felt their peers would be more likely to drink and drive after prom than at other times of the year.

Helpful Tools and Resources to Rule the Road

The Liberty Mutual/SADD teen driving study is part of a robust library of resources for parents and teens to navigate the early driving years.  Helpful, easy-to-navigate tools are found at, including a Parent/Teen Driving Contract designed for families to jointly discuss responsible driving habits, and to customize mutually agreed consequences and rewards for behaviors such as cell phone use, text messaging, speeding, seat belts, alcohol and other drug use, and curfews.  Additionally, the website provides state-by-state teen driving laws, practice permit tests, and video demonstrations of safe driving techniques.