Friday, April 17, 2015

Student Leaders Support the New England Center for Homeless Veterans

Since September, the Milton High School Student Leaders have been working with the New England Center for Homeless Veterans (NECHV).  The Student Leaders have been supporting the Center's "Welcome Home" program.  The NECHV, located in downtown Boston, provides shelter for almost 400 veterans every night.  Each calendar year, over 300 veterans move out of the shelter and into their own, permanent housing.  Unfortunately, they often move in without the supplies necessary to start a home.  As part of the "Welcome Home" program, the NECHV receives donations of cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, linens, and other household goods to provide to the veterans as they transition into their new lives.

For the last month, the Student Leaders have been collecting donations from the students, parents, and teachers of the Milton High community.  The drive concluded this week, and it was an overwhelming success.  Members of the High School donated over 400 items that will be delivered to the Center in the coming weeks.

In return for their donations, students, parents, and teachers were given a black, paper dog tag to decorate in honor of a veteran in their lives.  These dog tags are currently on display in the main foyer of the High School.

The Student Leaders thank everyone who donated and/or supported the NECHV.

Dog Tag Display