Monday, December 8, 2014

Computer Science Education Week at MHS

Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) December 7-13, 2014 seeks to raise public awareness of the critical role computer science education has in preparing students for 21st Century careers and the transformative role computing plays in today’s society

Computer Science Week at Milton High School

All students will be exposed to an hour of code during one of their classes. The CS students will TA the classes.

Banners and Prizes provided by CAITE and Google
A banner will be hung promoting CS Ed Week.  Articles and posters will be hung promoting computer science education.

Bulletin Board
Bulletin Boards outside the Main Office and outside room 108 will be used to promote computer science. Cases will include posters, pictures, information on computer science, and an example of 3-D printing. There will also be examples of the application of computer science in our world today.
Students: Elisa C, Shakia C, Olivia K

Posters and Presentations: Computer Science everyone can do it
Student Leaders: Introduction to Computer Science Class

Posters:New Technology
Students will be creating posters that highlight new and innovative technology.
Student Leaders: Malik M., Bobby D., and Mitch B.

3-D Printing Design Contest
We are holding a 3-D printing design contest.  No programming skills are needed, all you have to do is have an idea and fill out a form.  The winner will get a printed version of their idea.  Everyone will receive a small prize.  The ideas must be submitted by December 11th to Ms. Parsons or the student leaders.
Student leaders: Aman N, Sean N, or Michael E

3D Plane on Display
Students are building a 3D printed plane. The plane will be on display in the field house at selected times. If interested in seeing the plane fly let Ms. Parsons, Mitch, or Alex know.
Student Leaders: Mitch H and Alex M

Advisory Presentations
A group of CS students will visit 10 advisory classes (2 for each member) and let each class play a text-based game we coded.  Then we will show them the code and explain it, and leave the students with the message that anyone can be a programmer.
Student Leaders: Rudy C, Tristan D, Timothy K, Sawyer F and Amiel M

Middle School Visits
Groups of students will visit the Middle School present about CS and then assist in the Hour of Code

How does Twitter work?
Students will learn about what happens when they post a tweet. Thousands of tweets are posted per second, students need to know what exactly is happening when they post something online and how services like Twitter work to serve millions of users.
Student Leaders: Cameron K and Kevin K

Introduction to coding
The group will visit the math department at Pierce Middle School to give a presentation about why coding is important and what you can do to learn. The students will also get an experience of what basic coding is like.
Student Leaders: Abby L, Maxim A, Nolan M

Zero Robotics
The group will visit the middle school to discuss the Zero Robotics their challenge experience. They will then TA in the hour of code.

Student Leaders: Ishan S, Liam C, and Andrew A