Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Eastern District Senior Festival

Below is a guest post from Dr. Noreen Diamond Burdett, Director of Fine & Applied Arts, K-12:

On January 10 and 11, twenty of our MHS students who were selected by an extremely competitive audition to be part of the Eastern District Senior Festival had a fantastic weekend! The students had a great learning and performing experience and gave a stellar concert.  Standing ovations all around.

Extra congratulations go to Kevin Mehdizadeh (our morning greeter at MHS) for nailing a solo in the Festival chorus!

Not only were our students outstanding, but our faculty stood out as well. The district chairperson thanked Milton High School for hosting the senior auditions and praised the faculty AND parent support group (FAME) for another outstanding year.  Kudos to David Adams for his work as Assistant Manager for the Jazz Band.  Congrats to Rebecca Damiani for being Chair-Elect for the Eastern District.

All in all, a banner day for MHS at Eastern District. 

Below are the names of the 20 students from MHS who were selected by audition to participate in the Eastern District Senior Music Festival:

Samantha Antoniewicz
Camille Carpenter
Monika Cormack
Emily Dsida
Simon Eder
Giuliana Giddings
Lismarie Gomez
Will Hess
Kristen Ingraham
Johance Liverpool
Tansy Massey-Green
Kevin Mehdizadeh
Matthew Nolan
Joshuea Ogbuike
Garrett Sager
Madeline Scott
Christine Stafford
Walker Stroud
Christian Urbina
Matthew Wong