Thursday, September 26, 2013

PTSFO Sponsored Financial Aid Workshop - September 26 at 7 PM

The Milton High School PTSFO is holding a meeting on Thursday, September 26th from 7-8 PM in the MHS auditorium.  There will be a guest speaker to discuss the financial side of the college process.

Topics include:

(1)   Overview of the entire financial aid process

(2)   What you can do to minimize your family contribution, and maximize your eligibility for need-based financial aid

(3)   Why you should apply even if you WILL NOT qualify for need-based aid

(4)   How to value different assets – Home, 529’s, retirement, etc.

(5)   Which colleges give the most money

(6)   How to leverage colleges against one another

(7)   How to appeal your financial aid package

(8)   Pros and Cons of different borrowing options

(9)   Q & A with a financial aid expert

This will be an informative night for all parents/guardians and students!!!