Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Courtyard Garden Harvest

The following post is from Foods teacher, Ms. Lovett:

The MHS courtyard garden harvest has begun.  Seed potatoes, carrot seeds and container corn seeds were planted in June by students in the Foods classes. Over the summer, Milton High students and Foods teacher, Elaine Lovett, continued to water and care for the plants. 

This past week, students in Mrs. Jackson's class were able to harvest Yukon Gold, Cranberry Red and Blue Aztec potatoes, and carrots which were then washed well, baked and enjoyed.

Foods III students will complete the harvesting this week and prepare a variety of fresh potato and carrot dishes. Although the container corn seeds did not grow as well as expected, it was still interesting to see the results, no matter how small.

This year's garden was sponsored by the Milton Garden Club who supplied the funding for seeds, soil, and containers.  Their help was greatly appreciated since it made the farm to table experience possible at Milton High.