Monday, July 8, 2013

Community Service Learning at MHS

The Community Service Learning Program at Milton High School was implemented during the 1996-97 school year in order to develop and instill in all students a sense of citizenship, community, and the responsibilities that good citizens demonstrate by giving back to the community.  Each student at Milton High School will be required to fulfill 35 hours of active service to the community each year in order to graduate.  Students who transfer new into the school will be responsible for the requirement on a pro-rated semester basis. 
The staff and administration believe that community service provides a valuable self-directed learning experience with intellectual, social, and emotional benefits.  The synergism of service and learning provides opportunities for students to work with people of diverse backgrounds, to develop interpersonal and leadership skills, to develop self-esteem and social responsibility, to explore career possibilities, and to learn the principles of citizenship.  Community Service Learning enhances academic skills, and students are able to understand the relevance of what is being taught in the classroom.  Students earn a sense of empowerment by engaging in community service where they are needed, valued, respected, and make real contributions. 

A community service placement must be an active experience that benefits the Milton High School community, the community at large, or the global community.  The service may not directly benefit the student’s family (e.g. babysitting), and students may not accept any money or a stipend for the service performed.  If a student has a question about a proposed activity, he/she should consult their guidance counselor.  The MHS principal has the final say if there is a dispute over acceptability.

For more information on Community Service Learning, including community service forms, please see the Community Service Learning website.