Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Guest Speakers Visit the Young Men's Group

Mr. Jordan, who runs the Young Men's Group, regularly invites guest speakers to meet with his students during Advisory Period.  The sessions give the students the opportunity to have conversations with professionals from various backgrounds.  The speakers that come in to Mr. Jordan's classroom love to share their stories, knowledge and real-life experiences with the students.  

In March, Jarad Saunders, a Milton High School graduate, was the featured guest speaker for the Young Men's Group.  Mr. Saunders shared his experiences as an airplane pilot with the students.  

On April 23, the Young Men’s Group was visited by Mathis Santos from Providence, RI.  Mr. Santos is currently retired but has spent most of his career in education and in the military.  Mr. Santos spent 31 years in the military, with 4 of those years in active duty and 27 in the Air National Guard.  In addition to his work in the Air National Guard, Mr. Santos worked as a college administrator at Rhode Island College, for the RI Department of Education, as an school administrator, and as a consultant to the Governor of RI.  Mr. Santos discussed his experiences in the military and the value that education and family have played in shaping him.

Mr. Mathis Santos

On May 7, the Young Men’s Group was visited by Kevin Foster.  Mr. Foster is a native of Arkansas.  He earned a BS in  Engineering & Policy and a MBA from Washington University in St. Louis.  Mr. Foster has had a distinguished career in marketing, particularly within the fields of technology and healthcare.  He has worked for IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Novell as well as Merck, BMS, Pfizer, and BCBSMA.  Mr. Foster is currently the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Progress Software.  When not working, Mr. Foster spends a lot of time giving back to the community. He serves on the board of trustees for YMCA Boston, is the co-chair  
of Y Achievers, acts as commissioner of the Cambridge Community Preservation Committee and is the treasurer of his child's daycare.  Mr. Foster lives in Cambridge with his wife and two young sons.