Thursday, March 7, 2013

Smart Start Breakfast Cart

The following post is from Jackie Morgan, Director of Food Services:
We are pleased to inform you that Milton High is launching a brand new
Smart Start Breakfast Cart
Starting Tuesday March 12th!  The cart will be located at the field house entrance and students can take their grab n’ go breakfast and enjoy it at the new high top tables and chairs in the breakfast cafĂ©!  We will be offering quick, easy and nutritious breakfast foods including warm muffins, whole grain bars, breakfast bars, fruit, yogurt and milk! We will still be offering our traditional hot breakfast in the cafeteria everyday, which includes Milton egg McMuffins, French toast, Pancakes, Yogurt Parfaits and cold cereal.
We are encouraging parents to get their children to school a few minutes earlier during the week so that they will be have time to enjoy a tasty and healthy breakfast before they start their day! Consuming a healthy school breakfast helps children to establish positive eating habits, improve academic performance, decrease visits to the nurse, and positively impact classroom behavior. School breakfast at both the cafeteria and the breakfast cart begins at 7:15AM. All students will be encouraged to use their pre-paid account  and their four digit pin number.  Breakfast is $1.25 per day.
Thank you!