Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Senior SEMSBA Music Festival

From the Director of Fine and Applied Arts, Dr. Noreen Diamond Burdett:

We have 37 MHS students who were selected by audition for the Senior SEMSBA Music Festival and we have ONE student who was selected for the Eastern Division Honors Music Festival (from a combined 13 states!).  Both festivals are the weekend of April 5-6.

Additionally, Gary Good was selected as the Festival Conductor for the Senior SEMSBA Concert Band!

Eastern Division Honors Chorus - Andrew Mowe

Senior SEMSBA Festiva
Dawn Barrett
Graham Bly
Camille Carpenter
Monika Cormack
Olivia Done
Emily Driscoll
Andrew Flynn
Ani Gaden
Cara Genduso
Giuliana Giddings
Abby Greenwood
Victoria Grudem
Will Hess
Ailsa Jeffries
Morgan Kelley
Ian Kelly
Bethany Knight
Maddie Lachevre
Nikki Lam
Johance Liverpool
Greg Lynch
Shannon MacLeod
Amiel Marc
Aminzie Marc
Oceane Marescal
Tansy Massey-Green
Bailey McDonnell
Rebekah Mondelus
Elizabeth O'Connor
Josh Ogbuike
Madison Peltier
Jackie Ruscito
Garrett Sager
Christine Stafford
Eliza Trickett
Phil Wikina
Matt Wong