Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Girls State

The following article was originally posted in the March 4th Eblast from Superintendent Gormley:
Hats off to Milton High School junior Tess Deaibes who has been nominated to represent Milton High School at this year’s Girls State Program.  The program is open to girls completing their junior year in high school who are interested in government and current events; have high moral character; strong leadership abilities; above average scholastic standing; and a desire to attend the Girls State program.  The program is sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary and will take place in late June at Stonehill College in Easton.  The program aims to develop leadership and pride in American citizens; educate young people about our system of government; and instill a greater understanding of American traditions. A member of the American Legion Auxiliary Morrisette Post nominated Tess after seeing her in action as a volunteer at the Braintree Food Pantry.
Two additional Milton High girls will be nominated to attend Girls State this year as well a total of three Milton High Boys who will be nominated to Boys State, which is sponsored by the American Legion. The nomination process is currently underway.