Friday, February 8, 2013

Mock Trial

Congratulations to the MHS Mock Trial team!

Below are competition recaps from History Teacher and Mock Trial Faculty Advisor, Mr. Mike Matisoff:

Mock Trial Competition #1: 

On January 24, the MHS Mock Trial team competed against Newton Country Day School at Newton District Court at 2pm.  The trial this year was about a murder and Milton was prosecuting.  It was the burden of our 6 attorneys and 3 witnesses to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant from Newton Country Day committed the murder of her great aunt by poisoning her with her own medication.  Unfortunately, MHS lost the competition by only 2 points.  Even though we lost the competition, we found the defendant GUILTY, so that was good news.  

We had two students score 9 out of 10 points on their first competition!
Gillian Veneto (sophomore) was an attorney cross examining the defendant; and
Billy Griffin (sophomore) was our expert witness, a doctor and an expert in pharmacology and toxicology who was testifying about the medical examiner report he filed after performing the autopsy of the victim.

Our team overall did outstanding and were really disappointed in the loss.  The MHS Mock Trial students are articulate, eloquent, and extraordinarily intelligent.  They think on their feet and they act quickly and argue effectively on the spot. The amount that this team prepared for this competition with preparation during school hours and the countless hours of after school and evening scrimmages they logged made them take it personally when they lost the competition today.

Mock Trial Competition #2:

Milton High matched up against the four-time regional and state champs Newton South High School as the Prosecution for a second time in round two of the state wide Mock Trial tournament. The competition took place at Framingham District Court on Tuesday, January 29.   Our student attorneys did an outstanding job with their objections, which was one of the suggestions from the judge of the last competition, and were even commended on their confidence and their knowledge of courtroom procedure on an individual basis by this week's judge.  As a team, we raised our OVERALL team score and many of our attorneys improved on an individual basis from last week to help the team increase our score -  most notably Destiny Edouard who prepared questions and cross examined a witness from Newton South and also delivered the Closing Argument, Kervens Jean-Philippe who prepared and delivered the Opening Statement for MHS, and Dara Kennedy who acted as one of Milton High's witnesses for the Prosecution - all of whom received scores of 9 out of 10, which improved upon their score from last week.

The amazing three-day turnaround (with Midyear exams included in their hectic schedules) in our performance and preparation and the amazing improvements MHS made were no match for Newton South High School's  

attorneys and witnesses, who as a team scored almost a perfect score.  Although we lost as a team, MHS as a team worked together to raise our overall score from the last competition and competed with more confidence of the rules of the courtroom, knowledge of the case materials, and general knowledge of the law for which they were commended - even by the attorney coach of the other team!  MHS stood their ground and went neck-and-neck with the reigning state champs and were not in the least bit intimidated.  

The students involved with the Mock Trial program this year are:

Noni Adams

Shakia Cumberbatch
Destiny Edouard
Billy Griffin
Tyler Jarrett
Kervens Jean-Philippe
Dara Kennedy
Sharon Lui
Caroline Maniscalco
Liana Massey-Green
Matthew McCarthy
Saul Nunez
Acadia Ryder
Gillian Veneto
Yamilay Etienne
Javana Samuels
Colin O'Brien
Damaris Sweeney
Mitterand Metayer
Nicholas Juzyca
Matthew Murphy
Catherine Pamphil