Friday, February 8, 2013

MHS Curriculum News

The following curriculum news articles were originally posted in Superintendent Gormley's January 16th Eblast:
Visual Arts
This year in Kassandra Derby’s Drawing II, students designed a mural for the pre-school hallway at Collicot Elementary. During the month of January, the class had a field-trip to Collicot to draw and paint the design on the wall. The result is an amazing, colorful and playful 12 foot by 9 foot masterpiece.
When students arrived at the elementary school that morning, they faced a completely blank wall and by the end of the school day, the wall was filled with fairy tale characters and beautiful scenery. Every student significantly contributed through drawing, painting, mixing colors, washing paint brushes, offering praise and constructive criticism.
The teachers at Collicot selected “Once upon a Time” theme, designed by Cara Genduso, Haley Jepson, Julia Sullivan and Kiayra Coon, after much deliberation. The high school artists enjoyed some help from Miss Lathwell’s 5th grade ACE class, who assisted with color mixing and painting. We are very proud of the hard work and creativity of our dedicated artists!   


Debate Team
debateteam1We have great news from our high school debate team. Recently, 14 of our students traveled to Newton South to compete in a public  forum debate at their Inaugural tournament. There were over 70  public forum debate pairs (140 students) debating the resolution: “Resolved: On Balance, the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v.  Federal Election Commission harms the election process.”
Two of our teams made it to the quarter finals (which were the final rounds, due to time constraints), Ailsa Jeffries & Isabelle Smith and Cormac Conners & Chris Dsida.  In addition, two of our students, Isabelle Smith and Chris Dsida were honored as top speakers, coming in 3rd and 7th, respectively, out of over 140 students.  We also had two pairs finish 3-1 (could have been selected for quarter finals), Chris Ricciuti & Jack Caljouw and Anna Lamb & Olivia Erikson.  All our other pairs were 2-2 (Katrina Kourtelidis & Hannah Shepard, Tess Deaibes & Amy Savino and Sharon Lui & Corina Delerme).  
Thanks also to Nick Fitzgerald and Nancy Warn who coach the team together.