Monday, January 7, 2013

Computer Science Education Week at Milton High

Milton High School celebrated National Computer Science Education Week from Sunday, December 9th until Saturday, December 15th.  CSEdWeek seeks to raise public awareness of the critical role computer science education has in preparing students for 21st Century careers and the transformative role computing plays in today's society.

Prizes were awarded to students who participated in various contests during the week, including the popular "Innovative APP Design" contest.  To help spread the word about the importance of computer science education, members of our computer science class as well as the robotics team visited classrooms to demonstrate their hand-constructed robots.  The students answered questions about the field of computer science and promoted the many accomplishments of the MHS Robotics Team.

In the pictures: Miles Holland, Maddy Scott, and Albert Enyedy

Computer Science Week at Milton High School
  • Banners and Prizes provided by CAITE and Google    A banner was hung promoting CS Ed Week.  Articles and posters were hung promoting CS education.

  • Innovative APP Design Contest    Students described a design for a fun and useful mobile game or APP. Prizes provided by Google were awarded.

  • The Evolution of Technology    There were posters that display the evolution of technology. i.e. Evolution of Graphics, Evolution of Font, Most Popular Apps, How the touch screen works, Evolution of Phones

  • Problem of the Day     There was a logic problem of the day posted.  Prizes were awarded to students with the correct solution.

  •  Robot Visitor     The robotics team visited other classrooms to promote CSEdWeek during C period.

  • Announcements     Announcements and videos promoting the week and Computer Science education will be added to the bulletin.

  • Google Speaker     A Google hangout was planned with a Google employee for the Computer Science students.

  • Typing Contest     There was a typing contest after school in room 110.

Milton High School offers the following computer science classes:
  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Robotics
  • Honors Computer Science
  • AP Computer Science
Thank you to Ms. Parsons for organizing CSEdWeek at Milton High!