Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Results from MA Music Educators Eastern District Auditions

Congratulations to the students who were selected to perform in the Eastern District Festival in January!  Also, thank you to everyone who made the auditions at MHS possible.

Below is a message from Dr. Noreen Diamond Burdett, Director of Fine Arts:

Thank you to Rebecca Damiani, Gary Good, Patricia Ostrem, David Adams, Julius, Bill Parsloe, Charlie, and many parents from FAME for helping out on Saturday, November 17th at the Eastern District auditions. We had over 70 students who helped out as well!  Almost 1,000 students from schools in the eastern district of Massachusetts came to Milton High School to audition for places in the District Festival.

Our own MHS students fared very well in this very competitive audition with 23 of them selected to perform in the festival in January!  12 of them had such high scores that they received Massachusetts All State recommendations (they will audition in December).  Bravo to all of
these students.

The 23 in district:

Band:  Dawn Barrett, Simon Eder, Kristen Ingraham, Bethany Knight, Rebecca Simms, Christine Stafford, Phil WIkina

Chorus: David Cleckley, Monika Cormack, Andrew Flynn,Bailey McDonnell, Kevin Mehdizadeh, Andrew Mowe, Jackie Ruscito, Garrett Sager, Shaina Toon, Eliza Trickett, Christina Urbina

Strings: Kali Guise,Aminzie Marc, Lily Moerschel, Rose Moerschel

Jazz: Will Hess

The 12 who received All State recommendations:

Band: Simon Eder, Kristen Ingraham, Rebecca Simms

Chorus:  Andrew Flynn, Bailey McDonnell, Andrew Mowe, Garrett Sager, Eliza Trickett

Strings:  Kali Guise, Lily Moerschel, Rose Moerschel

Jazz:  Will Hess