Thursday, September 20, 2012

From Courtyard to Plate

In honor of Harvest for Students week, here is a post from the MHS Foods teacher, Mrs. Lovett:

As the days in May were getting longer, sunnier and warmer, the Foods students at Milton High School were busy planting in the courtyard. Non woven "grow" bags were filled with soil, fertilizer and seeds. Students cut organic seed potatoes into pieces containing an "eye" and placed them in the soil. As the potato plants sprouted, more soil was added to keep the potatoes well below the ground for protection from too much heat or water.  Carrot and radish seeds were also planted with mixed results. The radishes were teeny tiny and the carrots varied from longer than a pencil with a diameter of about one inch to two inches long. The seed  potatoes did not disappoint, though. Students harvested Yukon Gold, Cranberry Red and Fenton Blue potatoes last week. The potatoes grew on the end of the roots of the plants and varied from very large to marble size.  Students scrubbed, cooked, mashed and baked them.  The taste test did prove that our VERY local potato products were superior to store bought.